You want to work in the UK, you’ll need one of these!


You want to work in the UK and you want to know what conditions you need to fulfill for it then you need to read this article carefully. We’ll also recommend Harlands to help you find a place of residence! The most important document you are going to need is your UK National Insurance Number. If you are an American citizen then it will be easier to understand its purpose, especially if we tell you that this number is similar to US social security number. There are different ways to acquire it depending on some circumstances.

UK residents

Every UK resident has a right to this number. Before they turn 16 they receive it and they will have the same number for the rest of their life. No matter what changes you make in your life this number will always be the same. You can even change your name but you are not allowed to change this number. It will always remain the same, even if you lose your card you can ask the National Insurance helpline to send you another one. The only thing you need to do is to fill out the CA5403 form on the government website, answer some security questions and they will send you a written confirmation of it to your e-mail address.  The number of National Insurance Helpline is 0300 200 3502.

Non – UK– residents

European Citizens

First thing you need to do is to make an appointment by calling the local job Centre Plus. You need to be aware that they are going to ask some questions such as your employment status and so on.  They are available from 8Am to 6PM every day except on week-ends. Before your interview you need to prepare some documentation such as residence permit, passport, work contract and so on. You can find the full list on their website with all necessary explanations. During the interview you can again expect to be questioned about your intentions and reasons for this type of application. If you passed all this, you will need to fill out some forms again and within three weeks you will receive your NI number.

Non – European Citizens

For the countries that are not a part of European Union the things are a little bit different. Actually the process itself is the same, the only requirement additional to the regular process is the right to study or work in UK.  Some countries such as Canada or USA hold a bilateral agreement on social security. If you come from one of these countries, you will need your NI Number and you have a right to it. A full list of all countries you will find on the website likewise the list of all necessary documentation needed to apply.

Anyway the National Insurance Number is something you definitely are going to need if you intend to work in UK, and it will protect your rights and the rights of the government at the same time. It will be like a record of your work and contributions during your career.


Things To Consider When Getting Diving Insurance


If you are interested in diving activities and Zoomarine at Algarve Fun but have never experienced it first hand as of yet, book your very first diving trip and get a taster what deep sea diving is really like! Once you’ve had this incredible experience, you’ll be dying to do it again and will want to become a qualified diver as quickly as you can.

However, before you do your diving experience there are some important things you need to know to stay safe. Firstly, you need to know that diving requires technique and proper procedure to avoid any accidents while enjoying the view underwater. And the most important thing is to secure a diving insurance. However, for amateurs, it is somewhat confusing when they inquire about diving insurance from Dive Master since some coverages are unique to diving alone. Since diving insurance is necessary, here are some things to consider when getting a diving insurance.

  1. Coverage – Not all diving insurances are the same. Some have the basic coverage of accidental and hospitalization coverages while others include equipment replacement and even travel expenses refund. If you are just starting to practice diving, usually you will only need to rent the diving equipment thus the basic coverage would suffice especially if you are planning for recreational diving. However, professional divers and diving establishments will have a profound insurance coverage or a different set of coverage.
  2. Scope – Diving insurance companies have a set of location or scope where they will cover the diver. You need to make sure that your diving insurance will cover the diving spots you prefer to go. If the location is not covered, you might encounter inconveniences later or need to purchase a different diving insurance.
  3. Local or international – Most diving insurance companies only provide coverage for local diving spots. Only large diving insurance companies would offer coverage for international diving activities and only on select locations. If you have not planned to go abroad for diving, it is better to purchase a local diving insurance first which covers the country and simply upgrade or buy a short-term diving insurance later on once you travel abroad.
  4. Diving level – Diving level can affect the insurance rates and coverage. Deeper diving level would often means more risks which insurance companies would increase the insurance rate or even elect not to cover the depth. You need to be aware of the depth level which your diving insurance will cover so you won’t have a problem in case you need to claim the insurance.
  5. Cost – Though driving is considered more risky than diving, insurance companies still charge the diving insurance on a higher cost. The rate will naturally increase depending on the perks and coverage. It is important to consider the cost of the insurance to avoid sacrificing a large part of your resources.

You need to balance the coverage as well as the cost in order to get a suitable diving insurance. It is also necessary to consider if the diving spots you would love to visit are covered by the insurance.